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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I wanna hug you and love you and squeeze you forever!

That title ringing a bell? Think back about 10 years....think, and in this cartoony they're invading your tv....

...I couldn't for the life of me find a picture of Elmira. So, think back to the little red headed girl who plagued the tiny toons.

I think that our friend Elmira would appreciate this. There are no words to describe how thoroughly cute/stinky/adorable/wonderful this Pedigree Puppy commercial is. She'd probably over-love it, catch them in a net and put them in a cage. However, you should just enjoy the absurdity that anything in the world can be so precious and, if you're at work, try and keep the coo-ing to a minimum.

(Sidenote: I think a whole future post could be dedicated to the wonder that was Tiny Toons. I'm pretty sure I still remember the entire theme song, a skill that even back in the day won me some playground cred. More on this later. This, and pancakes.)

A few movies coming out I want to see. But I'm probably not as excited about any of these as I am about Stella's premiere next week. You can apparently watch the whole first episode online, but I'd rather see it tv-sized to maximize hilarity. Here's a great interview with the fellas. And, here's their site where you can watch some of their shorts. (If you don't know what Stella is, it's 3 of the guys behind The State and Wet Hot American Summer.) Well well well, this is quite the multimedia post, I must say! I went to sleepaway camp so long ago, that it was the Stone Age. No, but seriously, it wasn't the stone age... it was the Ice Age! No, really, it was the Stone Age.

Some conspiracy-tastic TomKat info. Wow, I really really hate that abbreviation. Here's Slate's interpretation of why we're all so weirded by this relationship, and and how it's antithetical to the normal tabloid procedures.

New tracks from Interpol and Arcade Fire? Where do I sign?

I am stokeds t r e t ch, because thanks to ever clever DCeiver, I procured some tickets to see The White Stripes and The Shins and Brendan Benson play in September. Um, that's one hell of a kickass lineup. I wish The Thrills were playing with them - I've always sort of imagined seeing The Thrills play with The Shins. At any rate, booyakasha I am pumped! Check out some mp3s over at Gorilla vs Bear. White Stripes & Shins, Brendan Benson.

Two tv shows I'm pretty excited about this fall - Reunion and Bones. Both on Fox, both featuring former stars of favorite shows of mine (particularly David Boreanaz - de Buffy, & Will Estes - de American Dreams). Coincidentally, I saw commercials for both of these while watching The Inside, a product of a Buffy writer (that's my favorite Buffy site). I've been blogging more than I've been watching, but it hasn't really grabbed me. What's up with this chick just knowing everything? A "prefiler?"...come on! Call me crazy, but I like for my mysteries solved by actual plot elements, not just hunch. We shall see, I may just get hooked yet.

I did however really really enjoy Beauty and the Geek, which I watched tonight for the first time. Mom's been telling me for a couple weeks how good it is. I must say, that Ashton Kutcher is a media genius. We all know I'm not the biggest reality tv fan, but this one's got a new edge and I like! Check it out next week, before Richard gets kicked off. He is the quentisential geek. Did I spell that right? Anyhow, the other guys are transforming, but Richard...poor Richard... If there's a new Nerds movie this century, he'll be cast.

Chances are you've read something about it or you watched it last night, but AFI counted down the 100 best movie quotes last night. I had more fun reading the list of nominees than watching the actual show. Personally, I think "ME SPOONS!" was ingraciously left off, but all in all a nice compendium ;) You're a corker Shannon. What a corker y'are.

Yowza there's a lot of Buffy love in this post. But hey, I love Buffy. My girl SMG is going to play Alice in a new twisted Alice In Wonderland movie by the dude that did the Texas Chainsaw Masacre (the one with the commercial that gave me nightmares). It's apparently based on a video game (with the word McGee in it). Sounds pretty cool though.

Speaking of McGees...........


(Sam's the UPS guy in the middle. I still love this picture)

While most of you will be watching game 7 tonight (I say "tonight" because I assume most of you will be reading this Thursday at work, even though it's currently Wednesday night for me...err...and the rest of my time zone...I'm stopping talking about this now), but Lizzer and I will be rocking out at the Ted Leo show at 930 (thank you Alan). Motrain tells me the opener, Radio 4, is pretty good too. Me? At a concert? Who's shocked?

In case you haven't seen it yet, this week's Onion is fantastic.

Drew, this is here for you and you only.

Alright then, well, I'm spent. See, I told you I had a lot to say! Work and my renewed addiction to retail have been blocking blog time, but I think this sufficiently makes up for it! I was going to watch Pulp Fiction for the first time (I know, I know) soon as I was done blogging, but I don't think I've got the time now. That AFI list gave me a new found fervor for seeing all the movies people have a hard time believing I've never seen (including this, Casablanca, Kingpin, The Godfather Part II....aaaaaaaaaand others). It also makes me want to re-watch and re-read To Kill A Mockingbird, cause hot damn, I love it!! Oh, and Gone with the Wind (for the repeat, not the first time).

Enough already, I'm off to read and sleep.

I lied. I stayed up and watched TDS, on which the wonderful Bill Moyers compared my boyfriend, Jon Stewart, to Mark Twain. (*cough - because he brings necessary commentary on the time's politics and society via a largely comedic, entertaining format*) Faaantastic. That is all, hope you all caught it.


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No one else may enjoy the Bea Arthur! Especially on my beloved Costanza show!

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