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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Another Day, Another Blog

Well, the server over at eBloggy (the previous home of Blogstretch) has been having too many troubles lately, so I'm jumping ship. You can still peruse my former musings at, but this is my new home. It'll probably take a little while to get it all situated, but, enjoy.

And onto the things I haven't been able to post on ebloggy...

This weekend in Boston was faaaaaaaaaaantastic. We pahked the cah. We lost a lap top. We drank be'ahs. We ate chowda. We shopped. We ate a lot of other things. We drank a lot of other things. We strolled around Faneuil (sp?) Hall. We did Newburry Street. We saw the site of the Boston Tea party. We went to the aquarium. I held some starfish. We saw some penguins that look like George Clinton. We froze our asses off. We got presents. We bonded with a concierge. We faught with a cab driver. All in all, it was great to see Meagan and Dave and all the other Bostonites. For those of you I didnt get a chance to see, there's always next time. We had a wicked good time. And now we're all set.

I'm going to get my very first Christmas tree tonight! (Derik: ready to pay your penence?) What a milestone. The ornaments will be cheap and the decor will be chinsy, but it'll be Christmasy and mine. Jingle Jingle. Speaking of, I can hardly believe Christmas is upon us so soon. I've gotten about half my shopping done, and the other half...oh my, no clue. If you are looking for something to get for me, might I suggest America: The Book. We all know my propensity for all things Jon Stewart, and it's hard to believe I haven't gotten this book yet. And now it's not just receiving cult following and critical acclaim, but awards too! That'a boy!

So, the ONE Skins game I miss ALL SEASON and it was an awesome game that we one. I'm not complaining about the win, just my missing it. Stupid airplane and its lack of NFL coverage. I'm goin to the Philly game this weekend (PS: now accepting reasons for why I should choose you to come with me)...let's hope at the very least we can pull up with another solid performance. As crappy as this season's been, and with the exception of the 2nd half of the first Philly game, every game has been close, good, and winable. Let's look for some more of that. GO SKINS!

Kasey, Sarah & I went and saw Closer last night. I don't really know how to react to it. There were very good parts, the acting was good, it was definitely a good movie...but, did I like it? Not sure. I didn't not like it... Probably quite truthful about a lot of things, but boy oh boy does it give a very disillusioned and depressing view of love, and relationships in general. People are strange. But, worth seeing, I'd say. There were a lot of parts that made the three of us gasp - in tandem. My personal favorite highlight, however, was when as the credits rolled, Kasey said, "So is it bad that I've had 80% of those fights in the past 2 months?" Yes. Yes Kasey, it is. And another thing: as nearly pornographic and focused on sex as it was, there was never actually a single sex scene in the whole movie. Intriguing. Pat on the back to Mike Nichols for that one. I didn't even realize it as I was watching the movie because sex is so entrenched in the subject matter. Anyhow...

Ok, yeah, so, welcome to the new and improved blogstretch. Enjoy.


Blogger ike said...

Allow me to be the first to comment on the new blog.

Reason I shouldn't go to the Redskins game with you this weekend, I've got wall-to-wall Christmas parties and will be a huge hungover mess all day Sunday (and a visiting grandmother will be in town).

1:38 PM  

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