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Monday, December 11, 2006

More Lost Dogs

We all remember the Goldie incident from a couple months ago. Well, this weekend, as Kenley, Jess, Jeff and I were getting ready to head up to FedEx Field, I noticed a fluffy little dog without a person trotting through Jess's neighborhood. We caught up to the little stinker (literally -- that was one smelly dog) to find that the only tag he wore said "I'm Lost -- call Arlington Animal Shelter." It had an ID # for the dog, so we embarked (ha) on an hour or so long journey to track down Spike's owner (we named him Spike because that's the name he responded to when we were guessing). We were eager to get our tailgate on, but the importance of reuniting a dog and its family was not lost on any of us. Spike was super friendly and cuddly, so we were happy to help. We ultimately found the old lady and the dog's real name ("Uggaboo"), but let me give you a hint: when you're working with the Animal Shelter, and you agree to take the dog back home because the owner's a confused old lady who doesn't understand what's going on, make sure the people on the phone at the Animal Shelter specify where the heck you're taking the dog -- i.e., house? apartment? ASSISTED LIVING CENTER?!?! It'll make things go a lot more smoothly, and cut down the number of "estamos buscando..." conversations you have to have as you trek around north arlington.


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