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Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekends Are Just Great

This one was no exception. I kicked it off by interviewing the fellas from New Rock Church of Fire for a Three Stars piece that will run tomorrow on DCist. It was a "crazy gnarly" good time. Then Anna, Dan and I convened at my place and headed on out to H Street to catch The Walkmen (as predicted) at the Rock & Roll Hotel with Jenna, Liz and Alyssa. I hadn't been there yet for a show -- it's a good venue. It's a bit cramped and the sight lines aren't all that great -- I was having trouble seeing over people, and I know that if my view's blocked, most of my friends have just paid $15 to stare at the back of some dude's tshirt. But the sound was quite good and The Walkmen delivered, as they tend to do. Alyssa was in rare form and quite proud of her howl-at-the-moon tactics that seemed to bring about the second encore. And when I'm starting to worry that those smiles of recognition from the guys in the band are going to turn into paranoid glances of "what the heck is this chick doing back here again?," I see things like this that make me feel far less batty.

Saturday involved a hangover and weird errands, but Saturday night involved the Galaxy Hut, so naturally, it was awesome. Nelson's band, Son of Grommit, and New Rock Church of Fire played, and made use of the projection screen. Nelson's set featured a walk around Meridian Park with an inexplicable break in of me at a bar, pointing and talking in a very animated fashion. NRCOF chose to use the work of another artist, and projected their favorite movie -- T2. Oh, and there was lots of beer and fun and stuff.

Sunday I went to the new Modernism exhibit at the Corcoran. I liked the exhibit a lot, but I have a lot of conflicting feelings about Modern art. But that just made the exhibit and the following discussion of it over sushi all the more fun. Oh, and I ate fish for all three meals on Sunday (lox bagel, sushi, grilled salmon). Not for any particular reason, but I just thought it was weird so I should share.


Blogger ike said...

And you're not supposed to eat fish on Sundays, as restaurants don't get new fish deliveries on the weekends.

- Debbie Downer

4:53 PM  

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