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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Check it out, the bajillionth post of the day

As Drew pointed out, maybe I should consider joining Twitter if I'm going to keep posting one-line blog posts all day. Or maybe I'm just really bored. Twitter still kinda freaks me out. At any rate:

"I mean, obviously I watch Battlestar, but that’s like air."

Tomorrow night: Friday. I'm thinking low key. Mama's been partying a little too hard lately. I'm thinking any of these diversions would be fun. Or just some sort of dvd rental/pumpkin carving/other wholesome activity. Who's with me?

If there's any holiday that makes bloggers rush to their list-making-machines with fervor, it's halloween. I've probably clicked through at least 20 countdowns of best scary movies, best rock stars dressed up in costumes, best other tangentially halloweeny things we can count down, etc. But TV Squad's list of the Top 10 All-time Scarriest TV Characters is pretty dead on. Particularly their selections from the X Files and Buffy. They haunt my freakin dreams to this day. Here are some additions that Small Child Amanda would have made to this list:
  • Mr. Boogedy. I can't really remember with great detail anything other than the scene in which the family traps the evil Mr. Boogedy in the vaccuum cleaner, but I do remember being scared out of my gord by this probably comical, likely not at all frightening made for tv movie as a kid.
  • Mr. Snufalufagus. For reasons that I cannot explain, I lived in deep and perpetual fear of Snuffy. I think it had something to do with a weird voice my parents used to do when immitating him.
  • Entire Cast of the "Thriller" video. I had a true love/hate relationship with MJ back in my younger days. I was a serious fan and made my parents play Thriller day and night. But when that video came on tv, I would shriek, start crying, run, hide, or do any number of other things to shield my eyes from those zombie dancers... then crack my fingers open just a little so I could keep watching. Then, repeat.


Blogger Jenna said...

Um Erika and I will be making doggie halloween costumes in Rosslyn tomorrow. So. Yeah, there's that.

4:53 PM  

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