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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

No idea how many election-related posts I'll have today

So you're gonna have to just bear with me. I'm feeling ernestly patriotic! And hopeful! And proud! 

This morning, Obama did the impossible: I actually enjoyed a moment of street harassment. 

As I left Big Bear, a garbage truck driver slowed down and rolled down his window and began a question with, "Baby,". My back arched and I prepared my best bitch face until he asked, "did you go to the White House last night?" 

I said no, but I did go to 14th & U. He asked what it was like. I told him it was amazing, thousands of people. We chatted for a minute then wished each other good day. 

Also, I am magically not at all hungover and not very tired either. OBAMA FIXES THE UNFIXABLE. OBAMA IS MAGIC, PURITY AND LIGHT, people. Obvs. 


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