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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I twisted my ankle on Friday night. I twisted it while I was stooping. You know, hanging out, on someone's front stoop. Emily and The G both assumed I'd injured it while dancing, so, that can be my backup story. It doesn't hurt too bad, but I do have this truly awesome bruise over my whole foot and up my leg that gets grosser and moves around more and more every day. I actually think this is very cool. I should have been taking pictures of it, but I haven't been. So use your imagination. Imagine Rorschach's, face, but on my foot. Cool, right?

That place I was stooping? We had an awesome lady dinner. We ate pasta atop arugula, drank wine and campari, had artichokes, and neopolitan klondike bars. It was heavenly.

Then Saturday I had lunch with my gramma and began a great day of more stooping and other celebratory things because it was the MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY POSSIBLE. Liz and I stooped for a while, and had to break up a fight between Stinker and the dog next door, Buttons. I made some jalapenos diablos and added them to the delicious offerings at Stu & Lana's bbq. After sitting and talking for hours, we walked around the block to Cecily's SCIENCE birthday party, which was so great. Lab coats, goggles, glowy things, light up things, chalk, miracle fruit -- you name it, she had it. I learned though that I kind of hate that magic fruit stuff. Because it makes bitter things taste sweet, and I far prefer bitter to sweet.

Sunday I went to the Green Apple Festival on the mall, which was kind of a bust. But I got to hang out with Jenna & Liz all day, so that was top notch.

This morning, I was on my way to work and saw two strange things happen at the same time. The guy in front of me opened his car door and puked out of it, and a guy rode by on his bicycle smoking a cigarette.

So, now you know. I've been a crappy blogger lately, but ya know, I have grilled things to eat and lovely people to talk to. A girl's gotta have priorities.


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