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Thursday, December 09, 2004


Yeah, I have absolutely no reason for this post to be called "booya," aside from the fact that I wanted to write that word.

Let's see...yesterday was the TMP holiday party at Dave & Busters. Though we'd all hyped it up, Dance Dance Revolution is the hardest game ever, so we didn't spend too much of our POWER CARDS on that one, mainly just watched the Che Guevara of DDR go nuts all evening to the point of taking his shirt off. Now THAT's entertainment. As far as applicable skills go, Ellis rocked out Madden football, I took care of hot shots basketball, Kasey was the sharp shooter, Angie is a really good fire fighter, and Sarah is awesome at getting people to give her their tickets. Thanks to our ticket harvesting, we were able to get Katie, the beautiful flower (or, bright and sunshiney cancerous tumor, as Brent says she looks like) to accomanpy The Tree. We really need to figure out how to light that sucker up for the holidays...

Speaking of holidays and trees, I finally got my Christmas tree last night. Yesssssssssss! It's a pretty pretty douglas fir with lots of twinkly lights and too many ornaments. Actually, I had too many ornaments to put on the be saved for future living rooms that can hold bigger trees. I got the lovely bonus of a message from my dad's friend this morning, who runs a christmas tree lot, saying "Yeah, you weren't supposed to pay for that, so I'm tearing up your check. Merry Christmas!" Sweet! AND, I got my skins tickets for this weekend. Philly's good, but my faith in the Skins is unwaivering. There are about 3 or 4 Redskins ornaments on my tree, two of my favorite things coming together as one. Yesssssssssssssss!

Tonight Lizard and I are throwing a little birthday dinner for Jenna at my place. My first dinner party at 3152 and I've had absolutely no time to get ready for it. Yeah, should go well.... Oh well, I don't think the gang will mind if all the glasses don't match. Note to self: record the OC tonight. Come on, it's Thursday, you all knew I was gonna mention the OC at some point. Lordy, I hope it's a Christmakuh episode! I need to get Drew to help me free the mp3s from my college computer so I can hear "one little christmas tree" and the alvin & the chipmunks christmas song a million times over the next few weeks. My other favorite christmas song, Santa Baby, is already on my iPod, as it's on the Elf soundtrack.

Oh yeah, and Tyler and Paul are going to London tomorrow. Despite my raging jealousy, I hope you guys have a great time. Cheers! I'll be back here in VA going to approximately 4.2 holiday parties a day. My evite calendar is a little full, when am I gonna find the time to bake and wrap? ;)

Later kids. And quit throwin that ball in the house!


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