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Monday, May 01, 2006

Extremely Groggy Thoughts Immediately After Waking From A Nap

  • Did anyone out there see Jeopardy tonight? Nathan = strangest. contestant. ever.
  • Dude! Keith, Veronica -- I found Leiann. She's living in some suburbs, married to another balding man that's not half as cute as Keith. And her other children, who are quite young, bought her diamonds for mother's day. I hope that helps you track down Veronica's college money.
  • WHOA! Old dude on Prison Break just knocked the shit out of the boss dude! Double whoa! A big piece of glass shanked the shit out of him!
  • I really need to vaccuum.
  • Hey, congratulations Joey!
  • Poseidon does not look like a good movie.
  • Band of Horses are really tight.
  • My hair smells like shampoo. My cat's breath smells like cat food.
  • Did they model the DVD ads for Munich after the current ads for Flight 93 to cash in on some of their current cultural currency?
  • OHSHIT! Old dude on Prison Break is a friggin bad ass!
  • And Scofield... sweet, sweet Scofield. I'd like to go on some dating show where my potential suitors are Wentworth Miller, Michael Showalter, Justin Chambers, Jake Gyllenhaal, George Clooney and Raoul Bova. Yeah, that'd be really fun.


Blogger Ivy Dillinger said...

That's MY kind of dating show!

Michael and I spoke a while back...


12:35 PM  
Anonymous lizzerd said...

dude at in Gael Garcia Bernal, and I'm so down for that dating show! Infact, I like Diego Luna too if Gael is busy.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous lizzer said...

oops, "dude add in" not "at in"

11:12 AM  

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