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Monday, May 01, 2006

What's hotter than George Clooney & Barack Obama?

Gavin Duncan of course! Happy (belated) birthday to the one and only Gavin. Our friendship was born out of a genius idea to switch shirts at a DTD party (seriously -- why did we decide to do that? I can't seem to recall, but you looked stunning in my pink, flowered Gap baby tee), and has lasted through years of hilarious phone calls and picture messages. Looking forward to seeing you when I'm up in NY in a few weeks. Much love to the Gavin!

See, this is why Gavin's so indispensible:

Noboa99: yeah i'm no longer intimidated by women that are smarter than me
Noboa99: mainly because i know that deep down i'll always be a better driver no matter what that fucking maryland cop says about BAC


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