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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hangin Around

I often take for granted some of the zanier aspects of day-to-day office life in a creative environment. I was just taking a stroll around the good old 9th floor and made particular note of some things that probably aren't featured in your office.
  • Life-size cardboard cut outs, including Glinda the Good Witch, and Andy McKelvey, founder of Monster
  • A stuffed lamb sitting about 6 feet above ground, perched atop cardboard boxes
  • A ficus tree decorated with christmas lights and homemade ornaments, including: pictures of employees, Redskins and shopping network celebrities; a rubber glove as the start atop the tree, a toilet piggy bank, a crashing plane, a toploess man, and more
  • A light box
  • Many magazine inserts/brochures/various printed pieces that somebody has deemed cool and placed on the Idea Area
  • A wall of paper flowers
  • An OC calendar
  • A jelly bean dispenser
  • An endless supply of Coke products
  • A library full of photo and art books
  • A swear jar
  • A few razor scooters
  • More than one office full of colorful giveaways, like tshirts, triangle-shaped highlighters, mugs, stress balls, etc.
  • More pencils, glue sticks and markers than you've seen since 3rd grade
What's in your office?


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