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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I am the boob tube's biggest boob

TV Shows I Can't Figure Out Why I'm Still Watching

  • Gilmore Girls: I'm so very sad to say, it's just lost it's spark entirely. I still care about the characters, so I guess that's why I'm hangin on. But man does the writing suck.
  • Six Degrees: Booorrrring. Crucial factor as to why I'm still watching: in order to see the next week's previews on the DVR, I have to watch the first few minutes of Six Degrees. Then I end up staying to watch the poorly developed characters dawdle through their uninterested plot lines. But, Hope Davis is pretty great.
  • Nip/Tuck: Something's missing this year. It seems to be all shock and no substance this season.
  • Studio 60: Go on -- endear your characters ore. I dare you. And while you're at it -- put ANYTHING funny or substantial in your purportedly genius show.
  • The OC: Yeah, it hasn't started yet. But let's face facts -- this season's likely gonna blow. But I will, undoubtedly, tune in every week. I'm a sucker.
  • Lost: Like Nip/Tuck, it just seems to have lost me. Heh.

Shows that are probably still good that I never see anymore or wish I was watching
  • House
  • Battlestar Galactica: I taped this seasons first few episodes, but never watched bc. I haven't seen the previous seasons. I have no doubt I'd love it, but I fear it'll be a DVDer for me.
  • The Wire: No HBO. *Sigh
But ya know what new shows are really good?
  • Heroes
  • Friday Night Lights
  • The Nine
  • And I've also been enjoying Jericho in an overblown kind of way
  • And Ugly Betty is a campy delight
And ya know what show is still the best?
  • Veronica Mars, of course!
  • Oh, and I'm still in love with The Office
Wow, I just gave everyone proof of how little of a life I actually have. Raise your hand if you're impressed that you've ever seen me outside my house! I'm gonna go... read... books. And talk... to people.... real people!

OK so I'm watching tonight's Gilmore Girls. What of it?


Blogger Blogs t r e t c h said...

I may have spoken too soon about Gilmore Girls. That last moment of last night's episode was absolutely hilarious. That's exactly the sort of qeniuine and quirky stuff that's been missing!

10:28 AM  
Blogger The Deceiver said...

I'm deep in the tank with Aaron Sorkin, but right now, he's following a formula that is different from what he did on THE WEST WING and SPORTS NIGHT. Rather than trust that the characters actions in their workplace setting will reveal character, he's laboring to develop character in advance of turning the action loose.

If you examine the "What Happens" side of his two previous shows, the plot always takes precedence: it's raining at Indian Wells, some Senator has unexpectedly begun a filibuster. STUDIO 60 alludes to such things in their episode titles ("The Cold Open", "The Wrap Party"), but they are putting the cart before the horse character-wise. Sorkin should trust his prior instincts. Hopefully this will shake out. I like Sorkin's style and the way he keeps cynicism at bay in his shows. And I'll keep watching STUDIO 60, but I understand the criticism. Kyle and I were talking yesterday about this and we both think that if this show were 30 minutes--like SPORTS NIGHT, the time restriction would reign in the writing.

On another topic: tonight at 8pm on NBC there is a little show called 30 ROCK that is just fucking excellent. It's especially fun watching Tina Fey do real comic ACTING of the sort she did when she was at UVa. Tracy Morgan is absolutely UNLEASHED, Baldwin can play that character forever and never get boring and the rest of the ensemble is pretty sharp as well.

The show has crisp direction, great flow, even a musical score that's better than anything on television. Attention should be paid.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Blogs t r e t c h said...

You're 100% right. It goes back to that first lesson any good writing teacher every gives. "Don't tell me. Show me."

5:04 PM  

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