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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yo, CW -- specifically Gilmore Girls

Note: If you didn't watch VMars tonight, there's a bit of a spoiler below, so don't read on.

What is up with you crossing over actors from one show to another, then having them play brothers of characters with their names from their previous shows? That sentence probably didn't make sense. Perhaps this will help.

Dean, boyfriend to Rory on Gilmore Girls. Gets new gig on Supernatural as Sam Winchester. Brother: Dean Winchester.

Logan Huntsberer, ditto on Rory BF status. Gets new gig on Veronica Mars as super secret hidden half brother of... you guessed it. Logan Echols.

It's just kind of strange. There are many names in this world. That is all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice review about Gilmore Girls.During Asher Fleming's wake that she goes to check on things with Dean.He is with Rory when she meets Logan for the first time, and Logan and his friend heckle him about his bar-tending job and, according to Rory, treat him like a servant.

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