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Sunday, October 15, 2006

How To Have a Great Weekend

  • Go out to a delicious dinner at Al Crostino for Alyssa's birthday.
  • Liberate at DC9 in celebration of Alyssa and Liz, and dance the night away with pretty much everyone you know.
  • Get a haircut and feel pretty. Oh so pretty.
  • Go out to a fancy dinner with your dad. Don't go on weird blind dates with his friends' children.
  • Wear a sweater dress. Have your ego boosted.
  • Go to an incredibly happy and fun bloggerific party where people offer you live blogging capabilities from their PDAs.
  • Dance to Prince, Phoenix and Michael Jackson as long as your fancy shoes will let you.
  • Don't take shots of "scotch."
  • Have a delicious french brunch with a cute new couple.
  • Don't wake up early to go to the skins game. Watch from home, sulk, and overcome.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

aw stinky party weekend

11:39 PM  

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