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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ever Brushed Your Teeth in Barnes & Noble?

Cause I have. It went something like this:

  1. Forgot toothpaste on business trip.
  2. Stayed in the Macintosh Inn, where they have a convenience store stocked to the gills with cup o noodles, but no dental hygeine products.
  3. Stopped at a Giant before my meeting to buy said paste.
  4. Giant had no bathroom.
  5. Took 10 minutes to buy a bottle of water at B&N, because after admitting I had a B&N club card or whatever they're called, couldn't remember which email address I'd registered it under.
  6. Brushed my teeth in B&N. The water was so cold it gave me a brain freeze.


Anonymous Sal Casley said...

If you're the type that takes care of his or her teeth all the time, then the place wouldn't matter as long as it's clean, right? Way to make your dentist proud! Haha!

11:12 AM  

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