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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The awesome and bizarre kind of stuff that happens when you're my father's daughter

ring ring

"hi dad"
"hey honey how are you?"
"good, you?"
"good! listen, what are you doing tomorrow night?"
"i don't know, why?"
"well, trump plaza just called me.... to see if i wanted tickets tomorrow night...."
"uh huh" (thinking it's going to be like, "to see k c and the sunshine band)
" see the rolling stones"

*right then, my iPod cues up "2000 Man"

I'm going to see the Rolling Stones tomorrow!!!! I'm so excited!!!! Is it wrong that the 90210 where they go to see the stones is playing on repeat in my head?

UPDATE: Next call with dad. "Bring a nice outfit you know... I mean... wear something cool."


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