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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've made a decision

I am not going to watch 24 this year. And I am going to stop watching Prison Break. I need room for things like a social life*, and laundry. I just can't take it anymore. Oh, and, just like the past several years, I'm not watching American Idol either. Sorry.

*Notes and pictures on my trip to the greatest city ever soon to come. Moving to Chicago to come in 2008.


Anonymous Allison said...

OOOHHH!! I hope you do move to Chicago!!! Then you can hang out with me and play with Baby Jack :)

6:27 PM  
Anonymous beth said...

do you watch dirt?

12:15 AM  
Anonymous Cat said...

I'd have to agree with you about Chicago...I, too, fell in love with it after spending only a weekend there for my Northwestern interview. And now I live only 4 hours away. And Beth is 5 hours from Chicago. You would be in between us!

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moving to Chicago? What's Santi going to do without you?

Okay, I know you don't know me, so that is kind of weird. Back to my hole now...

12:27 AM  

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