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Friday, April 20, 2007

Where were you guys?

Last night's show at the Black Cat was a really, really good one. Sadly, only me and about 25 other people know that. I'm sure the bevy of other stuff going on last night had plenty to do with it, but I've never -- not ever -- seen the cat so empty. It was a fantastic four band bill -- Headlights, Page France, David Vandervelde and Richard Swift. I only cought the last half of PF, but they were delightful. David Vandervelde and his Moonstation House Band fucking rocked. Think T.Rex meets Spoon. It must be bizarre to come out and play your heart out to a crowd that small, but the trio did just that. They were the absolute highlight of the evening. I will be seeing them the next time they come to town, and I hope many more of you do too. Richard Swift and his band were excellent as well, though DV defintely upstaged them. I really dug the whole ragtime jam they had going on, though Alyssa was right -- a real piano instead of an electric one would have made a huge difference. Anyhow, my point is this: go see these bands next time they come around. They desrved way more observers than they got.


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