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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Here Comes the MOH

Wedding pictures! Finally up! It was... pretty much the nicest wedding reception I've ever been to. Truly beautiful. And the wine was most delicious. And the makeup lady used the airbrush thingy to do our faces, so we all looked like movie stars. Which was neat. Until I cried and cried when I saw Diana looking so lovely.

Also, pictures from Mitchell's bday party following the wedding, which lead to the great Personal Items Scavenger Hunt for the rest of the long weekend. When I woke up on Sunday morning in my condo, things that weren't with me included: my car, my cat(s), my purse, my wallet, my camera, and a single one of my wedding shoes. So uh, good party Mitch!

Also, this weekend: while hungover and camping out at my mom's, I discovered BBC America (which I don't have at my house). Am now obsessed. Particularly with Hex. Blonde heroine, male mentor at school, older fallen angel character, gay best girlfriend. Gee, wonder why I like it...


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