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Friday, May 18, 2007

I <3 TV

Finales this year have been pretty good stuff so far. I haven't worked all the way through my DVR reserves yet, but, the Gilmore Girls series finale and The Office season finale were two of the most well ballanced, un-cheesey yet completely satisfying things I've ever seen on television. Jenna Fischer and Lauren Graham should start a school for actresses that want to learn how to be wonderfully funny and yet OWN the heart strings of every person in their audience. Laurelai's face in the Rory sleeping scene and Pam's face at the end of The Office were unspeakably perfect. They're going to remain on my hard drive so I can rewatch both scenes whenever I need a good cry this summer. Oh, and get well soon, Jenna Fischer!

Oh, and Ugly Betty? I know it's a telenovela and all, but holy crap that ending was tragic! I was not expecting that at all.


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