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Monday, August 13, 2007

My weekend, in a series of unexplained, unrelated, incoherent thoughts

  • "Joe you gotta come over here and do me!", shouted my the always hilarious Allison Frey. What was it that Joe just had to come over and do? Why, race her in ice luging, of course!
  • Ice luge lead me to memories of the great Da Sluge Party of 2001 where I got the greatest pick up line of all time: (walking past a frat house full of people I'd later become friends with) "What's your name?" "Amanda." "Is the last name Wow?"
  • DCist staff party: who knew foodies were so skilled in the ways of shotgunning beers?
  • Black Cat staff: I did not sneak into your bar. Do not yell at me when you don't properly staff the front door and check my ID. That is not my fault.
  • Becoming Jane: part awesome sniffly chick flick, part majorly meh. But that dude is still totally dreamy in a British sort of way.
  • Note: Hobart Street is really, really, really long. If you're going to a party on Irving, do not park on Hobart. Especially when you're carrying a case of beer, 4 bottles of liquor, a bag of ice and a bag of groceries. And it's 100 degrees out. Unless you look totally hot when you're sweaty, in which case, go for it!
  • Dos Gringos: weirdest restaurant experience I've had in a really, really long time. When they set the plastic tiger down on mine and Tony's table without explanation, that's when things really went off the rails. And if you're out of eggs, how do you even make a fritata? With fruit and stovetop, apparently.
  • An excellent substitute for a ping pong ball when looking desperately for something to play beer pong with: champaign cork.
  • Why do Nico and John love rubbing girls' faces in their pecs so, so much?
  • My friends are awesome at drinking beer. Everywhere we went this weekend, we thought the amount of beer brought to be completely insurmountable. NOT SO. Not ever.
  • Thanks for being born, Coleman. And Dave Clark.
  • Liz, I know London's gonna be really sweet and all, but don't go, k?
  • Step 1: Read this. Step 2: Laugh.


Anonymous allison said...

hmmmm... I remember the incident, but I have no idea who Joe is...

3:35 PM  
Blogger Blogs t r e t c h said...

He was our "new friend." We met him on the bottom level and ran into him again on the roof, and since we remembered his name, decided to drink with him.

3:36 PM  

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