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Monday, October 01, 2007

I'll see your 2nd time and raise you a first

I've never seen a single one of these movies.

Also, I tried to see Dragon Wars on Saturday and it was only playing at 11am at the theater by my house. Don't leave theaters before I can have my chance to get all teary-eyed and whatnot. So I went and dropped a fair sum of money at Target on cute fall jackets and I <3 Jim notepads at Target instead.

Completely unrelated: my pork tenderloin chili verde is quickly becoming my go-to meal when I want to impress someone. Every time I make it people freak out. Ok, maybe "freak out" is too strong a term, but people like it. Every time.

Tangentially related to what I just said but not the earlier stuff: if you too have been wondering what the heck ramps are as you watched Top Chef in recent weeks, the answer was given last night on Iron Chef America. Apparently they're a wild cousin of the leek, native to American riversides.


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