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Friday, October 26, 2007

That's what she said!

"I did it again! I put my mouth on it, and all the stuff came out."
-Travis Morrison

Last night's show was a ton of fun. I only saw about 2.25 minutes of Ra Ra Rasputin, but I'm intrigued enough to go see them next time they play. Jukebox The Ghost are just so freakin talented. Seriously, those guys are just wonderful. Really complicated rhythms and harmonies that somehow come out as incredibly high energy pop songs, paired with the enormous on stage presence of their lead/keyboardist. Really good stuff guys. Really good.

And then, of course, there was my friend Travis. His band is incredibly tight and they put on an amazing show. I actually really like the new album, so I enjoyed the set and the new stuff they played too. And nobody could ever possibly deny the charm that is TM on stage. The smiling, the dancing -- it's all beyond endearing. When was the last time you saw a full on dance party break out in a D.C. club during a concert? For me, it was last night. And, there were free cupcakes, which pleased Ficke greatly. So, I give Thursday night's concert going experience an A+. It's been a really good week for music.


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