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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Que Cera, Cera

A look inside the world of Michael Cera

Just kidding. That's what I would call my interview with Michael Cera, if I had done one. Instead, I just asked Mitchell West his thoughts about Landmark Mall, Alexandria's shopping stop that's about to get a major overhaul.

A: How would you describe Landmark Mall?
Mitchell: One of two ways:
the best mall in the world
a horrible mall with a terrible food court and even worse stores

one is sarcastic and one is for real

A: And the general atmosphere?
Mitchell: how is it still open?
A: I described it as, "it has the look of somewhere you Wouldn't Want to Park Alone"
and, "i haven't been inside in years, but even then it was dirty and weird."
Mitchell: No, it's not scary, it's just there is no reason to go there. Unless you need 3 I saw it on TV shops. And 30 kiosks to buy hair weaves and incense oils

Mitchell: I used to love going to landmark
they had a good arcade, I could smoke cigarettes in the food court...
then there was a period where I was banned from the mall for several years
I came back and all I saw was get your nails done stores*
my mom still goes to the tailor there though

Mitchell: Trae and I used to go to the taco bell all the time for lunch in high school
and we'd always go play skee ball after we were finished eating
and we kept our tickets in this really cool old suitcase I got at a yard sale
and we saved up tickets for years
and then we went and bought our heart's desires of crappy toys
that were all broken or lost after like a week
we had these really cool star wars watches
he had obi wan and I had darth maul
it was cool

Oh and one time, this was right after Trae got his license, we told his mom we were driving to go get some dinner
so we went to burger king at landmark
and we're eating and one of the employees came over to our table and asked if one of us was Trae
Trae's mom had called Burger King looking for him
we have no clue how she figured out we were at burger king

so Trae's behind the counter talking to his mom on the phone and I'm thinking Shit, somebody must have died or something
Trae comes back looking confused, and I ask what she wanted
his mom called to tell him it might rain and to drive safely

That is a 100% true story

*From this point moving forward, I will always refer to them as "get your nails done stores"


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