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Monday, December 17, 2007

I can has more time?

Christmas is approaching far too fast. Santas t r e t c h's sleigh is not even close to full yet, and my social calendar is leaving little time to fill it up. Hope you like "super happy fun time with Amanda" coupons, loved ones!

This weekend I suffered a conversation with someone who can't believe that a woman could possibly have credibility as a music critic, because women have such poor taste in and little knowledge of music, and are generally unintelligent -- unless of course, they're ugly. If they're ugly, they can be smart. Duh! I have never wanted to throw a drink on someone so badly in all my life.

But, I also finished all my Christmas card writing (my hand, it ouches), and said farewell to Drew & Liz in party-format. I also signed up for Netflix. I am very excited about this. What should I queue up, people? Dexter & The Wire are already at the top of my list. Also: the list of most popular selections on Netflix is hilarious. America's taste level (much like that of women!) is kinda sad.

Also: random flickr grazing lead a photo I took last year in Seattle to be chosen for a Schmap guide to the city. Check out my Gas Works Park pic here. And while we're talking about photos, don't forget to submit your ish to DCist Exposed 08!


Blogger Jumbo Slice said...

Carrie Brownstein proves the "women can't be music critics" theory wrong (not that anyone w/ half a brain would believe that). She has credibility (guitarist for the amazing Sleater-Kinney), vast knowledge of music, and also happens to be quite attractive.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous jenna said...

Oh man, i love being insulted on a Friday night over beers! What a jackass. Too bad that guy's knowledge of music doesn't extend far beyond what he listened to in high school: 311, sublime and Led Zeppelin. Just leave him to his own devices :) Its punishment enough to listen to the same sublime songs over and over for an entire lifetime.
In other news, I believe you are now a professional photographer!

2:26 PM  

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