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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Blah Blah Bumpwatch

Can we skip the constant monitoring of Xtina's pregnant belly, and talk for a minute about the fact that she seems to be wearing a bronze bikini top on the outside of her shirt?

Speaking of pregnant bellies, I saw Juno last night. For free! This new fangled world of free screenings is something I'll be tapping into much more often. Especially when Michael Cera or Ellen Page are involved, cause I sure do love them both lots. It was a good flick. Page's character is a little too clever to be truly believable, but, it made for good movie. And I plan to wear my "Paulie Bleeker is totally boss" t-shirt until it's thread bare.

UPDATE: Slate's review of the movie is pretty much exactly what I thought, just stated more thoughtfully and articulately. With facts 'n stuff.


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