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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Oh What A Dummy-full Moooorning

So, it's snowing. Really light, non-sticky snow that doesn't even require windshield wipers. But, that didn't stop it from making the drivers of the greater D.C. area lose their fucking minds this morning. My ten minute commute took an hour. I didn't have any coffee before I left (was going to get a latte when I got to work). My car's stereo decided to die this morning. So I spent an hour in silent, uncaffeinated gridlock. I've never been so happy to arrive at my office.

I went to Marvin last night. It was fun! I like that deck bar a lot. And the duck was delicious. Decks and ducks. I give it two thumbs up.

Also, my man Ham gives some reading suggestions over at The Millions. I particularly like this line: "Eventually the number of twists proves a little too much and you start thinking that maybe martians or Bruce Willis might show up or something."

And finally, this comic is funny. Thanks, Drew.


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