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Saturday, December 01, 2007

A'Wassailing, as defined by Kriston

a'wassailing: when claymated geese walk down the street drunk

I spent today doing festive, cheery things, like getting a Christmas tree and decorating it. Also, I found a memory book where my mom wrote down notes about my 2nd Christmas. Here are some highlights:

Christmas Eve
"We spent Christmas eve at home. Kathy and John opened their presents tonight so that everything under the tree would be for Mandy on Christmas morning." (Yes, I am an only child. Woo!)

Christmas Day
"Mandy said 'ooo-aah' many times when she discovered that Santa Claus had left her so many presents. She opened some completely and others partially... Mandy was so excited that she wouldn't take a nap or eat dinner. We had a good time."

Christmas Dinner
Filet mignon
Broccoli casserole
Broiled potatoes
Sauteed mushrooms
Chocolate & coconut pie

Christmas Gifts (I think most of my current interests are represented on this list)
Chatter telephone
Poppin' Pals
See and Say -- Farmers
3 dolls
3 stuffed animals
Wind up Smurf
Building blocks
Hopping frog
Drumming dog
Disney Baby Bopper
Shape Bean (?)
Stacking circles
2 puppets (!!!)
8 books
Lots of clothes (favorite: Cowgirl Dress)

Holiday Highlights
Kristie & Ernie came home and visited
Stephanie & Sandy visited too
Hap, Shelly and the kids came to dinner
John got "the cable"


Blogger Allison said...

That is too cute! I had a chatter telephone too and I LOVED it :)

12:57 AM  

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