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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Retro IMing

Catherine and I got back to our e-friend roots and spent this evening IMing while we watched at tv show. Since Veronica Mars isn't on anymore, our subject was Gossip Girl. There were lots of caps, lots of lol-speak, and... yeah, mostly those two things. To recap our shared thoughts, and if you're not watching this show, or didn't see the phenomenal Thanksgiving episode, you missed:
  • Flashbacks
  • Montages
  • ODing/attempted suicide
  • Gay parents/divorce
  • Broken families awkwardly, painfully struggling to celebrate a holiday
  • Enough substance abuse to stuff a turkey
  • Parents revealing to their children who are dating that they used to date. And other awkward situations that resulted from that same scenario. My gf can has been my sister! ZOMG!
  • Children suffering their parents' sins
  • Heaping helpings of brooding
  • Skinny people eating fattening food
  • Or binging on them, and purging. (Eating disorder! This hasn't been a teen drama topic since the 90s! YAY!)
  • The largest collection of the shiniest hair ever concentrated in one single television program
  • A Dawson's Creek-esque spin out shot at the end
And so much more. In short, the single greatest hour of television EVAR. This is soap opera GOLD people. Gold.

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