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Monday, May 19, 2008

How was my weekend? Great, thanks for asking!

Ya know what? I have a really fun life. It was another delightful weekend in the District. Friday night I finally tried Thai Xing, which I've heard so very much about but never had (they're famous for amazing food prepared by literally one guy in a tiny kitchen; you order about an hour before you'll be ready to pick it up and take it home). I brought it over to Kate & Kay's and we enjoyed shrimp green curry (my pick, and it was excellent), shrimp fried rice (really good -- included pineapples!) and chicken pad thai (I usually prefer pad thai to be a little sweeter than this, but it was still excellent). So the verdict: believe the hype. Thai Xing is the shit.

After that, I went over to Jenna's for a eurotrash party. Oh, did I mention that when I went to pick up the Thai food, I was wearing aqua tights, red shoes, a tight, short white dress with a face painted on it, and had hair that was defying gravity paired with enormous red hoop earrings and turquoise and purple eyeshadow that was probably visible from the space station? Cause I was. The party was full of crazy Europeans and ridiculous dance music, and it was a freakin' blast. I got a compliment of the highest order: being told by a bunch of gay men that my outfit was the best, and then being asked if they could feel my ass because it just looked so perfect. YES! The best part of the party was the sign David hung up that said: Eurotrash. From now on I plan to put up signs indicating what kind of party I'm throwing. "Pizza." "Tea." "Costume."

I spent most of Saturday sleeping off Friday night, and eating my favorite hangover food (2 piece meal from Popeyes -- dark meat, spicy, with red beans and rice and an extra biscuit). Then it was time for Saturday's main event: the Savor craft beer & food festival. It was all about raising the stature of beer -- specifically where pairing it with food is concerned. I learned a lot and had some truly amazing beer and food. The best pairing was the Brooklyn Brewery's Local 1 beer paired with an insane cheese whose name I can't remember, but was a sort of combo of brie and blue cheese -- like Saga Bleu but more delicious. The brewer at BB is world renowned for pairing beer and cheese. I also had a lot of beers that I wouldn't normally like on their own, but when paired with the right food were amazing (for example, a strong, smoky stout isn't my cup of... beer, but with spicy salsa it was out of this world). And I went with the famous Mitchell West and Co., so of course it was a good time.

Sunday I went to Brooklyn Bagels with Stace Dawg and her roomies (Brookly B____ being the apparent theme of my weekend), went to see Prince Caspian (fun and good, but not great), and went to hear Matt's wonderful book talk at Politics & Prose. That's one impressive young man! Who's now a bit older, which we were also celebrating last night with pizza at Comet Pizza & Ping Pong. Apparently, Sunday evening = bajillions of children at Comet, so none of us actually got to play any ping pong. But the pizza and the company were tremendous.

And today I started off what will be a somewhat ridiculous work week. Things might be pretty quiet around here, so try and have fun without me and enjoy what's looking like it'll be a pretty beautiful week.


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