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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My weekend, in pictures


FOOTBALL! Yes, we lost. Horribly. But we played USC. So whatever. I'm just so glad football's back.

the first pumpkin ale of the season

BEER! I drank quite a bit of it.

shades, son

DANCING AND SILLY SUNGLASSES! I don't know what to add to that.

peppers from my garden

COOKING! With habaneros that I grew. As it turns out, the sweetness of corn — whether in kernel or bread form — is not enough to mute the incredible hotness of these peppers. Even when seeded. Also, my friends throw good bbq's. That was this weekend's overarching theme.

a very ernest california couple

THESE GUYS! I just wanted to include this picture because I love it. Also I hung out with them a lot this weekend.

Also: TV IS BACK! One Tree Hill watchers: if you saw it, let's discuss. I won't say anything here so as not to spoil. Gossip Girl was pretty meh. I have high hopes that the snappy dialogue and over-the-top salaciousness will be back very soon. Season premiers almost always disappoint. Unless you're One Tree Hill.


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