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Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Nice Little Sunday

I'm sitting here with the sun pouring in, with the smell of beans cooking, sipping iced tea and reading a southern novelist. All of these things remind me intensely of my maternal grandparents, who passed away years ago. But it's making for a very nice little Sunday. I even went to Home Depot, to try and replace my toilet flap valve and a lock on my back door. Both efforts, as it turns out, require a 2nd set of hands (in the case of the toilet, a 2nd set of hands attached to arms much stronger than mine to turn the damn water supply off). So instead I've cooked all day, read the paper, and am now liesurely enjoying a novel. I haven't done anything this slow-paced in a while, and it's pretty great. 

The rest of the weekend was lovely; Friday night efforts to go see Dr. Dog were squashed by the fact that it sold out at 8:15. WTF. Does anybody know what time Iota actually opens doors to start selling tickets? Everyone I know that tried to go (Ezra, Catherine, Julia, Mitchell, Kale) to the show did not get in. But as a result, we all ended up at Galaxy Hut having a lovely evening over pitchers and tater tots. 

Saturday the rains came, and so did my old, wonderful friend Kenley's wedding. It was a bit of a mess getting there, but everything turned out great. They say rain on your wedding day brings good luck (not irony), so I'm sure Kenley & Jean will have years of happiness to come. 

OK, back to my relaxing afternoon of not being on the internet. 


Blogger Lindsay said...

I got to see Dr. Dog on Friday, but only because I got there at 4:30. Yep. So I sat around for a few hours and got a little trashed, but I did so while them boys were setting up their equipment and doing soundcheck. Then, they sat around and got a little trashed with me :) Not to make you too jealous, but they put on a rockin' good show, and they're very nice indeed.

Next time they come to town, get there before six if at all possible. They booked all these shows on this tour right before Fate came out, and they've suddenly outgrown every single venue. (However, Scott told me there will always be a spot for me, even at a sold out show. I just have to go 'round the back, and they'll let me in. Sadly, it's not because I'm incredibly cool, but because I brought them cookies.)

12:50 PM  

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