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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Day In the Mind of Me

or, what I would normally put in my gchat status updates, but I'm dumping here for a change

the number of self-inflicted wounds I've incurred on my left hand in the past couple days is starting to make me think that my left hand is haunted.

man, cookies are the best!

oh my god a bird just flew into my window and fell. and i assume... died.

oh holy crayons, why is MT so deeply and utterly opposed to the Weekly Music Agenda Graham wrote?!?!@@?!#$#@? It is a perfectly fine agenda!

I'm pretty sure that I never opened a webshots account. So why do I get these weekly notices of how many views my "photos" have gotten? And why do I seem to steadily get one view a week?

squeeeeeeeeee! friends got hitched! in secret! 1,000 yays.

"Hot Child in the City" is a good song.

I'm going to see Wale on Wednesday at the 9:30. You should too.

Visions of flank steak are dancing in my head. Come ooooooon end of the day! Come oooooooon dinner with Kate!

I'm pretty shocked that searching my gmail for "emily, gin" only returns three results.

Reason #18942 PIAB is the bestest:


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