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Friday, July 17, 2009

My morning so far

me: i've changed 3 times already
and can't seem to get away from looking like stevie nicks no matter what i put on today
is my wardrobe trying to tell me something?
phoebe: roll with it!
if it makes you feel better
i'll try to dress like her today too
me: great!

At this point, I walk downstairs, relay my Nicksian concerns to my new roomate, who tells me that I sort of look like Stevie Nicks every day. I decide to take this as a good thing. Gold dust and all.

I go to the cafe, walk in, and in line in front of me is another woman, with wild hair and a big flowy belted skirt and layers on top.

Then Aaron and I start talking about the Iraq, and the Fringe festival, and I say that the dance show I'm seeing tomorrow seems good and weird, and he says, "that's what you want from the fringe festival, right? weirdness, and nakedness?"


Then I get on da tubes, and read this (further cementing my internet crush on Alex Balk) and watch this (further making me OD on twee and sugar and colors and pseudo-French film), and read The Awl's newsletter wishing me a "very sexy weekend," and I realize, today really is Stevie Nicks day, everybody. I hope you're all participating.


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