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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

going all deuce on ya

On July 3, I decided that, after living in my house for 9 months, it was time to finally put things up on my bedroom walls, update my 4 year old bedding that I was completely tired of, and unpack the two remaining boxes I had into the final piece of furniture I'd finally purchased. It gave me a great sense of Home and I am really happy that I did it.

Well, that job is not complete, I've realized. Greg has been making awesome changes to the downstairs -- that dude is a feng shui natural -- so I wanted to put the final touches on my room. The duvet cover in the image below is the one I already have. I like my bed how it is right now (I've got some red and blue patterned pillow shams on there now with white throw pillows), but it's not quite... all the way there. It is crying for a bed skirt, and some new accents. And my windows, they're totally naked. So, here are the pieces that are going to make my room finally come all the way together. Now that I've signed on for another year in the place, it's time to make it really right. Holly points out that my new curtains are very Sound Of Music, which makes me quite happy, actually. Lindsay points out that it's all Anthropologied out, but I'm a girl and I'm allowed to do that.


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