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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It is still. Snowing.

This is not the D.C. I know. This is not the D.C. of my youth. This is truly the end of days. I can't even remember how much snow came down last Saturday or Tuesday (4"? 6"?) but those were reasonable to large falls for this town. And so close together! How novel! And then. It began. 24 hours of snow leading to two feet of impenetrable precipitation that's shut this city down since last Friday. I cannot get my car out. I cannot drive on my street. I can only walk, in the somewhat plowed roads because god knows hardly anyone shovels their sidewalks. And now, possibly the worst of it all. Another foot or so of blowing, terrible snow that looks far scarrier than anything we've seen yet. I cannot even see out of my window anymore! It is just horrible. I mean, let's face it: this is not the natural order of things. I would truly, sincerely, like to be able to go to work at this point. But instead... another day... at home. And now, with even more likely power outages! Best of luck not losing your minds in all of this, my friends. I am pretty sure I've already crossed that threshold.


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