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Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Week In Awesome DCist Stuff

Check out Val's SXSW wrap up and recommendations for hott hott bands she caught there that are playing DC soon.

Martin talked to a local musician whose songs have been featured on the Real World DC. Imagine that -- actual local impact!

Reminder: know your rights, bloggers. And, don't be a jerk, businesspeople.

Brandon comes through with another fantastic installment of Secret History. You guys have been reading these, right?

Oh and, I reviewed Spoon's Monday night show. Sommer let me keep this paragraph, which I'm pretty happy about:
I would be remiss if I didn't also note the thing that every single person in the audience was noticing during Deerhunter's set, and that is the unrelenting sex eyes bassist Josh Fauver was spraying all over the crowd. It was overpowering, and I'm pretty sure everyone in the first 10 rows got pregnant just by watching him perform. Men and women both. If that guy didn't get laid last night, I will eat my hat.
I also interviewed Black Lips, which includes the following story, among other gems:

Jared: Well, the first time we came here, no one came to see us but when we got into town we parked in front of the Capitol and we all drank cough syrup and I think we --

Cole: We smoked weed too, right in front of the Capitol in our van.

Jared: We were robotrippin' really hard and I think we walked the entire mall seven times or something like that and we literally ran through every Smithsonian. I like that we can come here cause we were so broke on that first tour and I was 17 I think and we had no money. And it was cool to come here cause we could occupy our whole day because everything's free and you can see a lot and cough syrup -- I think we stole it, so that was free.

Cole: The other thing, maybe we were just tripping or something, but we were walking through the park and there was this bench kind of like where Forrest Gump sits, and there was a guy who was like the invisible man. He had a hat on, and sheets covering up his whole face, and a brief case. And I was like, "guys look it's the invisible man!" And the guy freaked out and chucked the brief case at me and ran off.

Oh, and check out the video Nestor got of Britt Daniel doing "Me and the Bean" solo at Monday's show:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drug use! Great story.

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