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Monday, March 01, 2010


I am more than misty-eyed watching Bob Ryan's farewell from NBC4. He's like the sweetest favorite uncle for all of the D.C. metro area.

If that didn't make you tear up, this will: World's most heroic dogs.

Sing it with me: The cub is not my son

Go DC! Go DC! Go DC!

Nepalese cursing festival. Rad. You monkey face.


The gospel according to GaGa. And Kelly Cutrone.

Hope you all had lovely weekends. I napped, finished the 4th (and, as I discovered NOT the last novel in the terrible Blue Bloods series. My god, please just end and tell me how they defeat the Silver Bloods already. I want my life back.), satisfied my unyielding craving for red meat with a delicious St. Ex burger (those buns will change your life) and the company of Kate, checked out a couple photo shows and visited Cork with Phoebe, went to a Bloomingdale party (kimchi, collaging, set, MGD tall boys and Ethiopian jazz. duh.), went out to brunch with Lana, did some drug store make up shopping, got my nails did, chanted "USA! USA! USA!" with lots of very VERY (if fleetingly) patriotic people at Duffy's during the hockey game, and made a new best bartender friend at DC9.


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