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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I quit facebook!

And I feel great about it! Laura's article on TAP about her reasons for quitting mirror mine exactly, and she did a great, researched, thought-out job of writing it up so I will point you that way rather than reiterating. Even in deleting your account though, they still move it simply to "deactivated" for 14 days (which means it still has all my photos, friends, groups, people can still tag me in things, etc.), and if I log in at any time (which for most people who choose to stay logged in to sites like that means that if I click on a link that points me to facebook) my account will be reactivated. Which is skeevy. At any rate, I'm out! I still actually have an account for work, which I might kill too. But I have about 50 friends and one photo and that is about all on that one, and it's solely for work-related uses, so I'm not that concerned with it. But my point is: read Laura's article. Also, use the better versions of the internet for the things you've been using facebook for. Blogs, twitter, flickr, EMAIL. I think we should all diversify our online presence. And Tom agreed with me about that on twitter, which makes me feel smart and like it is the absolute only way to go. Because Tom says so.


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