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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Pinna Storm Killing It This Week

Go over to my music blog and read some of the amazing stuff from amazing people we've put up this week:

Eric Uhlir is cool hunting the best new videos for you, as usual.

Christy Baugh took some great pics at the Local Natives show.

Rebecca Armendariz is bringing you the best covers of "Teenage Dream" and announcing her love for Rustik's music selections.

Matthew Yglesias talks pop songwriting (again, in regards to "Teenage Dream").

Ryan Avent takes a cue from Matt and discusses the pop music division of labor.

Jessica Guilfoyle explains why you absolutely must get yourself to the Black Cat's backstage tonight for Future Islands.

Martin Silbiger is the funniest person ever and writes about a really geeky metal show he saw in Baltimore.

And ya know, a bunch of stuff by me. Go check it out! Week's not even over yet.


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