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Friday, December 10, 2004

Smell Ya Later

Something tells me I may smell like alcohol as I write this post in a haze from the remnents of Jenna's birthday party. We had a lovely, adult dinner, all fancy, delicious and mature. Then the OC came on and the gears shifted a little from dinner party to slumber party in the overall feel. Then in about 10 seconds it shifted from a predominantly female gathering to a boy party, and that somehow lead to gettin funky at a honkytonk till it closed. Whooopsie daisy!

JV Restaurant
Falls Church, VA

So good. And about 3 blocks from my house. KICK ASS! I just remembered I have a dentist appointment today. Gotta floss.

If Mike Mandell starts telling you a joke about the circus, stop listening, the payoff is...nonexistant.

However, if Lynette sings you happy birthday, listen up and enjoy, cause that's a thing of beauty. Jenna had the most special birthday ever. She got sung to 4 times within 2 hours. FOUR TIMES! That's just amazing. And Jenna's favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.


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