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Monday, October 24, 2005

You're so cute when you're slurring your speech

But they're closing the bar, and they want us to leave.

(These are Death Cab lyrics. Death Cab, Death Cab, Death Cab!)

Though I'm left with a cold (that's sidelined me from work today in order to pre-empt getting sicker and repeating last fall's plague), this weekend was quite nice! Because decongestants and general sleepiness are addling my creativity, today you're going to have to quench your s t r e t c h thirst with a weekend recap.

Friday: Tyler's band of the month, Midnight Spaghetti and the Chocolate G String played at a bar out in Herndon (in Worldgate shopping center, where I haven't been since the junior year after prom party). After a little hangout time at Sam's, we (Sam, Stacy, Dave Feaster in from Chilladelphia, Stumpy and a very friendly mate of Stumpy's named Johanas) made our way down the toll road. The show was surprising and enjoyable as these guys always are; heck, with a lead singer (who has James Brown dancin' legs, a masters from Carnegie Mellon and a helmet adorned with tropies) as dynamic as this guy is on stage, and Mr. Cash on the keys, you're bound to have a good time. We had some ABCBA gum and made our way home.

Saturday: I got my hair did in the afternoon, met Liz for dinner and consumerism at New Tysons, then went home to get ready. Liz stayed at the mall till it closed, so we didn't make it to Mark and Johna's bday party for Erika until after 11, but we made up for lost time. The keg got kicked reeeeaaaal early, and I wasn't keen on liquor pong participation, so I didn't get too sauced, but I was definitely in the minority. Didn't keep me from have a great time though; there was dancing, couch cuteness, Columbians and Canadians. Who could ask for anything more? A video from the party is soon to follow, soon as I figure out a few bugs.

Sunday: Went over to pop's to watch my SKINS pound all over the niners on the 9 foot tv and spend some q.t. with my aunt in from California. By the time I got home, Lizzard had recently awoken and was still at my place, which was a pleasant surprise. Before too long we made our way to 9:30 for Stars and Death Cab. It was my first "on the guest list" experience, which made me feel very cool. Jenna and Liz had a near catastrophe regarding tickets, but thanks to some sympathetic scalpers, they made it in at little additional cost. I'm sure I speak for them when I say that it was totally worth it. My review's up on DCist (much to the dismay of Jason fans everywhere), so you can catch the full play by play there, but it was truly wonderful.


Blogger The Deceiver said...

That DCist commenter eats balls as far as I'm concerned. And you write awesomely. So pish. Any real "fan" of mine knows that I heart all DCists the to maximum and will abide no hating. Anyone who disagrees can suck it. That wasn't very nice of that commenter, and I can promise him, at some point, I will assuredly recommence the sucking.

5:48 PM  
Blogger Blogs t r e t c h said...


Thanks Jason :) Your reviews are great, so I can't blame the readers for wanting more. But thanks for the backing! I'm still just sitting here, thrilled about last night's show, and planning an imaginary trip to Japan with Chris Walla.

6:46 PM  
Blogger ike said...

I, for one, wish that deceiver comment had been posted by Amanda. Wrap your brain around THAT!

11:03 PM  
Blogger Blogs t r e t c h said...

Ha, a review of a comment on a post about a comment on a review. It's so post modern it hurts my feelings. Thanks Drew.

11:05 PM  

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