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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Run Ins

You spend your entire life in an area and it becomes nearly impossible to leave the house without seeing someone you know. Usually, someone you've known for quite some time. Here's a list of my most recent run ins, plus # of years we've been acquainted. (This is on the heels of the realization that I've known the Three B's for going on SEVEN YEARS -- that feels unpossible).

  • Kristi Fuksa on the Dupont metro escalator (aka, one of my least favorite locations, at no fault of Kristi's) (19)
  • Stanley, my 383 pal, at the Big Hunt (2.5)
  • Drew, at the Pike 7 Plaza Starbucks, which I discovered is more expensive ($4.10 for my normal drink as opposed to $3.85 at the 5bucks on Springhill Road) (16)
  • Kristin Bjourkland, at not one but two Black Cat shows (10)
  • Mike Scheimer, on the interweb. He's a LARP guy!! (10)
  • Jack, not once but twice at New Tysons (7)
  • Mike Mandell, also at New Tysons (6ish?)
  • Mrs. Christofferson, Tysons Kinkos (I'm protesting the "FedEx" part of their name) (19ish)
  • Lesley Pories, at Dr Dremos, fresh from the Peace Corps and all grow'd up! (17ish)

Though it always makes buying certain things at the drug store a bit more nerve wracking than it should be, I generally enjoy the "everybody knows your name" approach to daily living. Wow, this post is completely uninteresting to about 95% of my readership. Whatever, I'm on a roll. A blog roll. Hahahahahha, I crack myself up.


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