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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mommy's Alright, Daddy's Alright, They Just Seem a Little Weird

Is anybody else out there watching, and loving, Sons and Daughters? It's become Must-DVR-TV for me these past few weeks its been on. Between its partially improvised dialogue, and its family-centric subject matter, comparissons to Arrested Development are unavoidable. Sons and Daughters is centered around a 40 year old man named Cameron and his family (his estranged son from a previous marriage, his soul mate of a wife and their two small children, his drama queen sister and her hilariously strange husband and two kids, his half sister, her toddler son and his slacker father, and his parentsh -- mom and step dad).

Wow, that description sounded really formal. Anyway, it's hilarious and quirky and the characters are all really well shaped. The little rif that they play at the start of every show perfectly captures the its tone. It's relaxed and a little frenetic at times. But there's a real sense of love with this weird crazy family, and it comes through in every episode without giving you the feeling that Bob Saget is about to come in asking for a hug. And the theme song is "Surrender," by Cheap Trick. Which is an awesome, awesome song.

Seriously. Even if you don't start watching Sons & Daughters, go buy that song on iTunes or something. It's freakin great.


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