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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Emmys Schlemmys

Well, the noms are in. Surprise, surprise, they overlook everything good! Well, I mean, not everything. But the show that really shook me up, down and all around this year was (duh), Veronica Mars. As a dyed in the wool Buffy fan, I'm used to Emmy snubs, so it comes as no surprise that a show that manages to be smart, poigniant, dramatic and funny falls to the "uncategorizable" fate, and therefore gets no love. I get that. Whatever. But come on -- Lauren Graham's role on the Gilmore Girls is and has always been magnificent. Throw her a nom, pretty please? It's good to know that I'm not the only one feeling this way. When will the powers that be match wits with viewers at large? I mean... we're talking the tv watching public here, it's not exactly MENSA. But maybe it should be. That way everyone would be watching Veronica Mars, and no would would be at all interested in the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

UPDATE: Major reprieve. Thanks to PopCandy for pointing out that the "Trapped In A Closet" (Scientology) episode of South Park is nominated for an Emmy.


Anonymous Becky said...

At least Project Runway got some love. If only there was a category for "Cutest, Most German Hostess."

2:28 PM  

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