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Monday, November 20, 2006


Oh what a truly fantastic weekend! First, the 24 hour trip to Atlantic City that included ridiculous meals, amazing wine, and THE ROLLING STONES (which was incredible -- Mick Jagger's got to be the most fit person in the world, and they played pretty much everything I wanted to hear, including "Dear Doctor"). Quality bonding time with dad and his best friend was a blast. We got crab cakes and crabe soup in Dundalk, hoagies in Jersey and ate like kings in AC. Gluttony was the watchword, in the awesomest way. Then I returned and more or less spent the remainder of the weekend drinking and watching football with Steg and Annie, visiting from Chicago, and a troupe of other wonderful friends. The weekend culminated in brunch at Galaxy Hut and a Sunday Night Party (well, all day Sunday really) at dad's. We played copious amounts of asshole and developed a new cheers phrase everytime we drew a social -- "Super Adorable Friendship League!" -- SAFL for short. Don't wask. Anyway, I pretty much am still drunk so if this makes no sense, many appologies. But it was a fantastic weekend. Seriously.

Oh, and, though the Skins lost, I was quite impressed with Campbell. It's nice to see a QB in a skins jersey whose feet are capable of staying still.


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