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Friday, November 03, 2006

Schrute-Space has a hilarious, though not often updated blog ostensibly written by Dwight Schrute. I love it because first of all, it's impossible to read it without reading it in Dwight's voice. Second of all, for lines like this: "Then they wiped their Germanic lips and went off to conquer, warm tummies filled with my beet juice."

Several of the other characters from The Office also have blogs on their MySpace pages, the most entertaining of which has got to be Jenna Fisher's. The actress' loveablility makes Pam all the more loveable herself.

Boy that was a lot of really bland commentary. Sorry, it's Friday afternoon. I'm done with cogent thought.

UPDATE: OK, Kevin's blog is also hilarious: "In fact, INDIANS in general wear pretty clothes. Why don't we wear prettier clothes? We kinda just wear regular European type boring clothes. I would wear a skirt. A pretty, flattering skirt. The color would compliment my eyes I think. I am not tryign to be an Oscar or anything, I am just saying, we might be happier if we sparkled things up a bit. I could wear a kimono. It would be comfy. Like a robe."


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