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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Eating Habits

I'm enjoying a piece of Dove milk chocolate right now. It's one of my favorite candies, and while I don't have it very often, when I do, I have a preferred method of consumption. I put one piece in my mouth (they're small), and suck on it like a hard candy. It maximizes the delicious creamy chocolatiness and makes it last so much longer than the standard chewing approach to chocolate eating. As I was just sitting here doing this, I wondered if anybody else has any suggestions for ways to better enjoy certain foods or drinks? Please share.


Blogger Beth said...

I like the dove dark chocolate, and instead of sucking on them... i put them in the freezer so they get hard, then take small nibbles until it's gone... lasts longer that way. I also have a different way of eating strawberries that are cut and sugared (so that there is the juice as well). I eat all of the actual strawberries first and leave all of the juice until the very end, and then eat it like soup. I don tknow why I do, but I've always done that. ha. now everyone probably thinks i'm very strange.

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