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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Arm, thy name is Pin Cushion

So, the allergist. Wow, now that's loads of fun! About thirty suringes full of allergins pumped into your arm to see what you react to. Not really all that bad, but not exactly my idea of a good time. Not shockingly, I reacted to pollins, molds and cats! Oh, and apparently, I have exema? Exema? Which is an allergic reaction? I've never noticed any sort of skin issues, but it was immediately apparent to these doctors and nurses, by taking one look at my i-thought-it-was-baby-butt-smooth arm. Who knew? Awesomely though, I've now got some treatments under way that seem like they might actually work. So, here's to good health!

And also, this:
kail: the sad part is that I've said something to that effect in the shower


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