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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

First of all, it's 2pm and I'm still sitting in bed. About half of this weekend was dedicated to sleep, and that was awesome.

When I wasn't cycling through rem, I had a pretty good one, and recorded just about all of it on Flickr.

First, the weird. As I left work Friday, making a mad dash for home because I'd worked late and wanted to get to DCist Exposed as quickly as possible, I witnessed one of the stranger car accidents I've ever seen. Well, I didn't actually see the accident, but rather, the aftermath. The car that ran into the other was trying to drive away without any sort of exchange of information. The other driver: not happy about that. She stood in front of the car trying to excape to get her to stop. But, well, that wasn't good enough for the escaping car, who ran into the girl to get her to move. The girl, not happy about that either. So she jumped up on the woman's hood to get her to stop. Word of advice: if someone's willing to run into your legs, they're probably not going to stop because you're sitting on their vehicle. And, she didn't. As I'm reaching for my phone to call the police, a circle of cars formed a wall around the woman to get her to stop driving away with a woman on her car. The conversation I had with the 911 operator was pretty hilarious. I don't know how it all turned out because I wasn't in the d-line that closed in on them and drove past before things got even crazier, but boy, that was nuts.

I ran home, quickly changed and threw an overnight bag together, and jetted into the city for the aforementioned photo show. Holy. Crap. What an amazing success. We're estimating 500-600 people came to the reception, and about half the photos were sold. I got the pleasant surprises of Jenna and her coworkers, Nelson & Jess, and Maureen and Jen showing up to check out the exhibit. I of course hung out with all the wonderful DCist folks and various other bloggy types who are always a delight. Pictures here.

Then! It was up to Baltimore and Ottobar, armed with awesome landmark-laden directions from Hemal's friend. Alyssa and I went up to see The Walkmen (the first of three upcoming shows) along with Devin & Liz and the oh-so-wonderful, why don't I hang out with him more often, Dan! The show was fantastic -- they played six new songs, most of which had horns, all of which are awesome. "I lost you" is quickly becoming a Walkmen favorite for me. They played three or four songs off of A Hundred Miles Off, and then a bunch of older songs like Blizzard of 96 and Look Out the Window that I've never seen them play live. Pretty much the only standard they played was The Rat. (Pictures here.) We ran into various Walkmen before and after, so got to chat briefly with Pete, Walt, Ham and Paul, which is always a pleasure. After Ottobar closed down and kicked us out (don't worry, I snuck out my nearly full bourbon by sticking it down my shirt. classy.), we went over to Devin's and hung out, and I was reunited with miss Luna Bojangles! I haven't seen Jenna and Liz's dog in oh so long, and it was glorious. I got face licks and everything. After I drowned myself in blueberry vodka and soda (??), we made our way back to Dan's awesome apartment. That place is fantastic.

I'm going to break the paragraph here just cause that one seemed really long. So, after we woke up Saturday, tip toed around Yoshi's crazy ass, made a Mii Stretch and played Wii tennis, we got some good greasy food, made our way back to VA and I opened all the windows and slept all. day. long. I stirred in the evening, and made my way over to my mom's house, where I scanned old family photos (i'm really adorable, you should check those out) and she fed me shrimp tacos and gooey chocolate deserts. So pretty much the best night possible. And now, I've managed to sleep like rip van winkle and am thinking I should go make myself a nice little Sunday. CVS, PetSmart, maybe even Bed Bath & Beyond!


Blogger ike said...

did the english major just use the word "excape"? presumably to remove someone's cape?

3:47 PM  
Blogger Blogs t r e t c h said...

Yes, that is exactly what I meant.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous lizzer said...

Ha, prepare to be ex-caped Amanda mattos! no more flying around like a superhero for you!

6:35 PM  

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